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Hi, I'm Anastasia

As an expat living in Dubai, I had always thought of short-term plans when I moved here, limited to just renewing my rent and job contract for the next cycle. Before I knew it, time had flown and I had been in Dubai for 6 years.

I realised that my short-term planning mindset had cost me a lot of money on rent that I could have otherwise saved. I decided to invest in my own property in Dubai.

To do this, I needed expert advice. I browsed property portals, I analysed market performance, I checked ads, looked at photos, talked to salespeople – I drowned in the overwhelming amount of information out there, and the more I researched, the fewer answers I got and the more questions I came away with! It took me months of intensive research and struggle to bring all the pieces of the first-time property buying process together. When I spoke to some of my friends who had recently bought properties, it turned out that they’d been through the same experience and shared the same disappointments that I did as well.

Buying a home should be a thrilling prospect, not something that makes you want to tear your hair out. I decided to bring together my passion, empathy, desire to help people, and all the knowledge I’d gained to fill the gap of a comprehensive system, and add value to other people going through the same thing. And so, my book and career as a real estate agent was born.

Home is a feeling, not a place. Today, I help people from all over the world find not only their dream properties in Dubai, but through it, that feeling of happiness they’re looking for.

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